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The Vibrant Alchemist Challenge

7 days to alchemize your reality into experiencing the best sex, the biggest bank account, and the most nourishing relationship with food and your body that leads to your most vibrant year yet!  Friday, May 31st - Tuesday June 7th (weekdays only) If you’re having bad sex, I guarantee you’re not making as much $$ as you could be.  If you’re not making great money, fuelling your body well will be a struggle. If it feels like your health is a constant battle, you don’t have the energy to feed your business and relationships the way you know you could be. Your health, wealth and relationships are a mirror for one another, always. What’s happening in one area is affecting the others in obvious or subtle ways. Over the next 7 days you’re going to get clear af on where you’ve been crushing it, and where you’ve been dropping the ball + how to shift it immediately to experience the “I get to have it all” life that’s lived exclusively on your vision board for way too long. After our week together: money will never be the deciding factor of whether or not you do something ever again “OMG I feel so seen + loved by everyone, including myself” will be a daily experience deep in your soul radiant health will feel as natural, reliable and expansive as breathing – physically, emotionally, spiritually, the full holistic spectrum When it comes to your life… the better it gets, the better it gets!  Learn my fun, vibrant 4-part framework that took me from burnt out & embarrassed of my big emotions, struggling to pay rent & sleeping w/ men I knew had no long term potential... to THRIVING in radiant health (I haven't been sick in years), madly in love with the sexiest man of my dreams who ticked every box on my list and more, and a millionaire before I turned 30. No more settling for anything less than the most VIBRANT experience of life, in every area! YOU HAVE IT EFFING ALL! In this expansive 7-day challenge, you'll receive: Weeklong telegram experience starting May 31st  Actionable trainings that get you out of your head and in the present moment + the energetics and why behind it Telegram community space to network with other powerful leaders, accountability, questions, and celebrations VIP Upgrade: includes 1 live 60min group coaching & celebration party at the end! Use these 7 days as a direct IV drip to infuse your life with vibrant abundance in your health, wealth and love.  *this challenge is not exclusively for women & is open to all

$88.00 USD