About me

Hey, I’m Mariah! I can’t wait to help you make bank online while also increasing your pleasure, joy and health!

If you've already looked at my IG or products page, you may have correctly guessed that I'm a Manifesting Generator 👏 

Growing up I always had a feeling I wouldn't have a "normal" job, I even had a hunch that the way I made money might have something to do with sex 🙊 (we'll come back to that later).

As the avid Sag cusp traveler that I am, I decided to go to college for graphic design in 2011 trusting that I'd be able to work remotely around the world - even though I didn't see anyone else I knew doing it yet.

The dream came true as I studied abroad in Australia for the full year of 2014, got inspired by the entrepreneurs I met there to start my own design biz & join a network marketing company!
– this allowed me to return to Australia and travel the states multiple more times over the next few years
– which turned into a design + marketing biz (with clients I didn't love)
– which turned into burning it all down & becoming a certified integrative nutrition health coach
– while helping my tech avoidant new boyfriend start sharing his passions online + build a business
– which blew tf up really quickly, allowing me to put down all my different roles and focus on helping that budding biz baby grow to it's full potential 

Remember that money + sex thing I mentioned having a feeling about earlier? That's what this last bullet is about.

I totally wasn't surprised at all when I met my (now) husband and helped him create the brand & business that is now Sexual Kung Fu (yes, I've conveniently linked it for you so you can go stalk it out, it's okay I get the curiosity - I'll still be here when you're ready to come back).

I truly enjoy learning new things often and putting myself in beginners shoes so I'm constantly blending together various modalities in all that I teach.

From reiki and EFT, to marketing and design, to holistic nutrition, tending to your emotions, to healing money/sex/relationship wounds, the gene keys, color psychology – I really love it all!

– I believe the best parts of life are meant to be cross pollinated. 

We're not all meant to separate our inner artist from our business strategy, or our inner sex goddess from our vibrantly healthy queen.

All parts are meant to be seen, loved, integrated and evolved so in one nice, long run on sentence - that is what I do. :)