welcome home ambitious soul!

If you're anything like me,

you've got a list of goals and dreams longer than the grocery list and you have every intention of making sure they happen!

This site is the home to my journey of allowing myself to flourish.

It is my intention that within these pages, you'll find all the tips, tools and permission (though you really don't need anyone's permission at all) to finally find the people, health, wealth and ultimately the life that makes you feel like you're living out your purpose.

In these pages it is my mission to help at least 1 million of you overcome your own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual roadblocks that have been slowing you down in your journey to complete health.

I believe that when we have health, we can have anything else we desire! Would you agree? 

When we have health we typically have the energy to pursue our dreams and that energy allows us to find creative ways to get the other tools we may be needing like time or money to help us in our mission.

You may be thinking "wow... a million people, that sounds like such a massive goal!" and I want to assure you, I didn't always believe I was capable of accomplishing such big goals but the more I do, the more I realize I'm capable of and the bigger my goals and dreams become.

And guess what, you're capable of massive things too! 

No matter where you are in your journey, I hope you find the next steps you need among these pages. 


Over the last 3 years of my own massive personal growth and development I've connected what I've learned from

all the shit storms, all the days & nights crying and all the friendships lost in to one lesson...

owning my story and ditching my bullshit.

 I spent the majority of the last 28 years being broke, letting others dictate my time and feeling completely

unworthy of anything that felt good, and I know you've been feeling the same way.

Do you know that we're here on Earth  to experience joy, happiness and fun?

We're also here to learn and grow, which is exactly what I'm here to help you do.

Ditch the Bullshit is a movement empowering women to own their feminine power, talk about the tough topics, ditch the bullshit excuses that have been holding you back in your relationships, career and health, go from feeling undeserving to confident - even as introvert - and begin to understand your worth AND stop living life from an either/or mentality. 

You absolutely CAN have it all.

You can have health AND wealth.

You can have fulfilling relationships AND a fulfilling career.

Through Ditch the Bullshit I provide free and low cost tools to help you overcome the challenges life throws at you, ditch anything that no longer serves you (I'm talking controlling boyfriends, drama addicted girlfriends and that obsession causing scale, GIRL BYE)

AND helping you attract the people, work and experiences that fuel your soul and light you up.

It's time to stop spending all of your energy staying in your head, avoiding facing your truth and trying to do everything all on your own. 

Get support from your #1 biggest cheerleader (me... duh) so you can focus on what really matters: 
having fun AND loving every single thing about your life.

Ready to make shit happen? 

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