2022 Highlights, Lowlights & Deep Rest | REFLECTIONS | January 1, 2023

journal prompts reflection shadow work Jan 09, 2023

"Why are we setting goals, strategizing, planning & partying - while the natural world is resting, hibernating & letting go?" – Me 😆

Welcome to 2023! I've spent the last few months really soaking in the restful energy of fall and winter and I've recognized something interesting.

Frequently, we tend to slip into habits that our culture deems normal - yet have absolutely no connection to what's happening in the natural world we live in.

Why are we setting goals, strategizing and planning, going to a bunch of parties and exerting ourselves to a pretty crazy extent - while the plants and animals around us are all resting, hibernating and letting go? (For those of us in the northern hemisphere anyway.)

This is something that's been deeply on my mind since October which has led me to massively slowing down my "new years vision" process, and I'm glad!

I've wanted a big, deeply restful break for a while now (years if I'm being completely honest) but couldn't ever find the "right time" because there was always something more that I could do.

The truth is, no matter who you are, you will always be able to find something more to do & taking a rest likely won't be near the top of your priority list unless YOU move it there.

At some point we have to recognize that just because there is more to do, more we could do, more ways we could support our family, friends, clients, kids – doesn't mean that is what's truly the most urgent or important.

If nothing else, I hope this share invites you to SLOW DOWN this winter if you haven't yet given yourself the chance.

Are you feeling ready to be introspective? To take some time to go inward, without pressure to also DO something about it right now, change it, implement it, plan it, schedule it or any other form of doing?

Here are a few journal prompts I invite you to reflect on this week – be it hand written in your actual journal, spoken via voice note from the privacy of your car or closet (I see those of you with little ones), or just in your mind these questions will bring you to a new level of inner knowing:

1. What were the BEST things that happened to you in the last 12 months? What were the highlights that stand out to you? What are you PROUD of yourself for accomplishing, creating, being?

2. What were the lowlights of 2022? The mistakes, regrets, could've, should've, would'ves of the year? Repeating patterns that didn't serve you? The most painful moments? (Be gentle with yourself here, these answers will serve you in the next section. Pain = best lessons ever learned.)

3. Going off of #2, what lessons came out of those reflections for you? If those things happened and existed only to teach you important lessons for the future, what were those lessons?

4. To embody the energy of clearing out crap and creating space – physically declutter at least ONE space in your home/life that you spend the most time in. For example a closet, wallet, car, office, laptop, phone photos 👀). This will not only feel amazing physically but is also sending an energetic signal that you are ready to receive more experiences that are in alignment with you, now that you have space for it.

Respond to this blog down below & let me know how it goes if you decide to do this! 

Curious about how my year went? Here are some of my answers to these Q's: 

Got married, visited Kauai, moved to Asheville, road tripped across the country, crossed the $1 million mark in business, created Structure & Flow, hosted our first retreat, let go of FB, finished paintings, started dancing, prioritized nature, moved into an epic sanctuary w/ a spring water hot tub, made new friends, set up my "vault" with $35k, paid a $35k tax bill (holy shit our life is so amazing to GET to pay that much + still have so much left over + be earning enough to owe that much wow), attending a few retreats as a student, meeting a member of my blood family in person (the first person I've ever met IRL that I share DNA with), and the best of all... finally felt like my Saturn Return ended

Lost loved ones, slipping into depression & anxiety attacks, numbing emotions w/ my phone use, giving up on multiple offers that weren't selling, not staying consistent with my chosen platforms, being extremely kind & respectful to someone in real life who did NOT deserve my kindness 😆, the dentist appointment that sent me in a downward spiral, feeling extremely disconnected from my parents.

Remembering that NO emotion, feeling or thought can last forever & the sooner I feel it, the sooner I can heal it + the more I avoid it, the more I prolong my own pain. NOT trying to have it all figured out/putting that pressure on myself – maybe in my 50s I'll feel more like I have things figured out (and maybe I still wont) but I definitely won't in my 20s, 30s, 40s and it feels good to release that pressure. When I have a strong idea/desire to do something, I'll regret not doing it. Even if I don't yet know how to do something, at least go for it, ask for help or get feedback and keep going until I feel like I'm doing it! If I'm mindlessly on my phone I'm probably avoiding a feeling that's trying to teach me something. My low states don't have to dictate my action/inaction of my highest stated – I need to create more structure around doing/creating what I want so I manage my high states more effectively to allow me to really BE in the lows. Filtering myself less – my truth = other peoples' medicine. I can create any change I desire, but it's up to me to ask for it + take action  on what I want and not expect it to just magically happen. (So easy in so many areas of my life now but in my relationship with my parents, not so much.)

My hope in sharing all of this is that you see how completely normal it is for everyone to experience both highs and lows (including people you see on the internet who might seem to completely have all their shit together, I definitely don't!), and that lows won't last forever if we just give them the movement they're asking for.

If you enjoyed this & would like to see more long form writing either via email or a blog, respond down below and let me know! I appreciate you so much 🙏 

Lots of love,
Mariah White

PS. I'm currently taking a social media break and likely wont be back until February 2023 (or later if I decide I want more time away), if you have any questions about anything this is the best place to reach me! 

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