How I manifested my soulmate

As humans we all have two primary fears:

1) the fear that we won’t be loved, and 2) the fear that we aren't enough.

Prior to starting Shii Mii, I had both fears. I had the fear that I wouldn’t be able to start a business on my own, and I had the fear that I wouldn’t be loved and accepted by all those around me for stepping out and doing something different from the norm.

We all create stories out of fear. I am sure you can think of one or two stories you have created right now! Most of the time, our stories have no truth to them.

You see, only one out of my two fears actually eventuated. The fear that I wouldn’t be loved and accepted by all those around me did come to pass, but ultimately for my greater good. Creating a business whilst working full time meant that I was largely MIA for 4 months, and as a result I naturally began to lose the close connections I had with some people in my life. When I launched Shii Mii, no one told me directly that they didn’t support me, but actions spoke louder than words. I asked for people to follow Shii Mii on social media for example and not everyone chose to, even some of those who were my closest friends.

Whilst I would have loved for some of the people in my life to be more supportive and more into what I was doing, you grow through what you go through, and I have since learned that it is ok that they weren’t. Most of Shii Mii’s following, and those who share Shii Mii with others, are people that I don’t know, or didn’t know, prior to starting this business. This means that I have begun to find my tribe - the people who have the same interests and aspirations as me right now, as opposed to the interests and aspirations I had 5 years ago.

It is important and necessary to let go of the things that hold you back - whether that be the stories you tell yourself, or the people who are no longer walking on the same path as you. When you let go, you create space for the right things to come into your life.

This week, I just knew I was holding on by my fingernails to some things and people in my life that were no longer serving me, and it was time for me to let go. This meant finally facing the uncomfortable feelings that I had been avoiding. You've been there too, right? As I sat there, feeling a little sad at the realisation that this was it, some chapters have come to an end for me, I kept getting the feeling that a male from my ‘past’ was going to come back in to my life. I was racking my brain to think who it could possibly be but I couldn’t put my finger on it - 'please don't let it be him, or him, and definitely not him...I’d take XYZ though, he was cute!’ (my actual thought pattern haha).

Time to manifest!

I keep a journal on my bedside table, so I picked it up and in pencil wrote '3/7/2018, Journal Entry - please connect me with my soulmate'.

Now, keep in mind soulmates aren't always 'The One'. Soulmates can be just that, soulmates. And whilst in my mind I was thinking ‘The One’, ultimately all my soul needed at this time was one of it’s mates, I just didn’t know this in that moment! Sure enough, two days later as I was sitting at my desk, my phone rings at 12:21pm. The name that came up was an old male friend of mine! The Yang to my Yin. Without a doubt, a soulmate.

Not only that, he happened to be around the corner! Before I knew it, we were catching up and talking about everything from meditation, business and investments to our lives in general. We clicked like no time had passed since we last saw each other. Just like that half an hour went by! I told him how I had a feeling that a male from my past was going to come back into my life, and he said to me ‘I had a feeling I needed to call you today, so I did’. Coincidence? No. Energy? Yes.

We worked together when I first moved to Canberra, Australia, and became inseparable - to the point people actually thought we were in a relationship. We worked in the same team, took our lunch breaks together, and hung out on weekends. There has always been an inexplicable connection between the two of us. A simple knowing and mutual understanding of each other. He brings out the best in me, as I do him. We laugh, have fun, and have done some crazy things - let’s not mention the time we got home in the early hours of a Sunday morning and he made the strange decision to eat my housemates banana when I knew she was planning to make a banana cake the next day! 1. who eats a banana after drinking? 2. it is very difficult to replace a ripe banana in the early hours of the morning!

Our catch-up was exactly what I needed.

I have manifested many things into my life - business collaborations, chance encounters, sales, car parks…the list goes on. So how do you do it, you ask? There’s a whole heap of guidance out there on manifestation. In my experience, the most important thing is to not be attached to a specific outcome. For example, when I wrote in my journal ‘please connect me to my soulmate’, I was thinking how I’d like it to be ‘The One’ but I wasn’t attached to it being ‘The One’ or attached to it being a particular person. I simply wrote my request and shut my journal. I trusted that what was supposed to occur would unfold, and carried on with my life.

Here’s my top tips for manifesting:

  1. Get clear on what you truly want. Do you really want $1,000,000, or do you want the freedom $1,000,000 may bring you? They are very different things.

  2. Once you are clear on exactly what you want, write it down ‘as if’ - write it ‘as if’ you already have it. I wrote ‘please connect me to my soulmate’, I could have also written ‘I am connecting with my soulmate’. Either way, I believed I had a soulmate and I wanted to connect with them.

  3. Let go of how you think it should manifest. Say you want a new car, there are many ways a new car could come into your life. You could purchase your own, or you could win a competition! Don’t limit the possibilities of bringing a new car into your life by focussing on one option.

  4. Carry on with your life. Continue to work toward your goal in partnership with the Universe. Don’t obsess over it, simply trust it will occur when the time is right.

I truly believe we can bring anything into our lives. It is just a matter of being clear on what we truly want, but letting go of how we think it should manifest. When we do this, what comes our way is often far better than what we could have imagined for ourselves!

Let go, and trust.

No one is immune to their negative thoughts, but everyone can learn how to live with them. May all your dreams come true'.

- Alaina x

About the Author

Alaina Brown is the founder of Shii Mii

- Luxe Positive Affirmation Cards.

After completing a Bachelor of Science at University, Alaina led a successful corporate career where she travelled domestically and abroad in various roles. During this time however, Alaina sought greater fulfillment. Whilst working in her corporate job, Alaina was searching for on-trend and customisable affirmation cards, to no avail. It was then that Alaina saw an opportunity.

After a mix up at a cafe between Shichimi and Sashimi (it happens to the best of us!), a love for Drake’s ‘started from the bottom’, and a whole heap of her own mind games that went something like - 'you can do this', 'what are you actually doing', 'this was a terrible idea', ‘you can't do this', ‘ok, you got this now', 'you're actually doing this', 'I am so proud of you', 'you are a badass' - Shii Mii was born.

Alaina took Shii Mii from idea to launch in just 4 months and is now on a mission to bring the importance of mindset to the mainstream market.

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