Destination: Beautiful

For the past seven days, I’ve been on the road crossing the country in my pursuit of happiness. Each of us has our own picture of happiness and if there’s anything my road trip has taught me, it’s that the most wild journeys have the most beautiful destinations. Navigating Your Route

What journey are you on? Are you navigating a relationship, a career or your own cross-country move? Maybe your idea of happiness includes blue cloudless skies. Or maybe it’s just simply money to pay your bills. Or freedom to live on your own terms. I have a challenge for you - instead of setting your sights on the outcome (i.e. having or not having the result you desire), consider the destination IS the journey. If you are navigating a route and taking actions towards your desired outcome, you ALREADY have obtained your desire. Let me give you an example.

Believing We Already Have What We Want When I was in the middle of my trip, I faced some incredible dilemmas — at one point I was surrounded by tornado formations in Kansas and at another I was questioning whether I would have enough gas to make it through a desert.

In both of these instances, I had to make a choice - to trust my instincts and continue moving forward on my route or to change my destination. I didn’t change my destination - and now I am in California working on my business in a library.

In Kansas, I had to believe I was meant for to be where I was at the time. I had to trust my gut and believe I was safe, I was going to be okay sitting in my car and letting the 20 minute storm pass. The key here is knowing yourself well enough to sense the proper action in any given situation. When we hone our intuitive power we will know for certain our purpose and the actions necessary to walk fully in it. And we will know that everything that our souls desire is already ours because God deposited those very desires within us.

You already have it - security, peace, abundance, joy, safety - you just need to believe it.

When Doubt Saps Your Strength At first, these storms and desert hauls left me seriously second guessing my journey: “What the fuck am I doing?!” “How can I be so foolish jeopardizing my safety like this?” “Ugh, I’m so stupid for doing this trip.” Those voices of criticism are always right there to pull us away from trusting ourselves. And while they certainly do have the potential to drag us away from our self-belief, these same critical thoughts are opportunities help us see just how committed we are to creating our own happiness.

What voices of criticism are you hearing?

Are they disapproval from family and friends?

Is it self-doubt from times things just didn’t “work out”?

Each of us is responsible for creating the life of our dreams, and when we step out to do that, we should anticipate doubts about our actions. Whether we’re confronted with obstacles in our finances or environment, with the hemming and hawing of nay-sayers, or even with our own self-doubt; take heart - the fact that your skies are stormy means brighter things are on the horizon. When things aren’t “going your way” after stepping out in faith, it’s because you are stepping out of your comfort zone.

Prepare for the Worst, Hope for the Best

Just like it is wise to prepare for worst-case scenarios when hitting the open road, we should also be prepared for hiccups in our own personal journeys. It is wise to anticipate discouragement and difficulty, but just because we encounter these things, doesn’t mean we are on the wrong track. Taking full responsibility for your life and happiness takes some kick-ass gusto. So the next time you are blindsided by tornadoes of doubt from loved ones, or are struck with fear and panic because you can’t see the end of a desert, remind yourself that if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. And just because something isn’t easy, doesn’t mean it isn’t meant for you!

Written by:

Caitlin Thiede

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