Vibrant Heart Awakening

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Unlock the portal of your heart to create a life beyond your wildest fantasies – in just 20 minutes.

When I truly opened to the voice of my heart, everything changed for me. I felt more confident in my voice, my body, my existence. It felt easier to ask for what I wanted in life, in sex, in money, in relationships, in health. 

It was as if opening this portal gave me direct access to information I had all along, but didn't recognize I had access to.

We know all how common it is to have walls around the heart, though common doesn't mean it's helpful or normal. Left unchecked, these walls can hold our deepest desires and ability to share love in, and prevent the love we most long for out.

I'm so honored to say, this is where we have choice, divine will. We GET to choose if we want to hoard those walls, or let them down and allow in a more powerful way of feeling, of existing, of sharing ourselves with the world.

It doesn't have to be a sexual act, I typically approach this practice just as I would giving myself a shoulder or foot rub. 

When I first learned this practice, I committed to doing it every day for 1 week. "Just one week, 7 days, I can commit to that", I thought.

After day 1 I had such strong breakthroughs I was completely blown away. After a week I committed to another, then another, until I found myself nearly 2 months in having done breast massage every single day.

Whoa... I've never felt it be so easy to stay committed to a practice that supports my sexual liberation. Eventually, I used to always get sick of it or be too intimidated by it to continue.

When my two months was up, I'd noticed a few major shifts:
- clearer skin
- more regulated emotions
- more regular hormone levels
- WAAYYY more libido (my big win)
- more consistent, less painful periods
- more confidence (in the bedroom, in myself privately, in biz which = more $$)

This simple 20 minute practice, prioritized daily, completely changed my life in more ways than I can explain in words (though I'm trying lol).

I couldn't NOT share this with you.
It's been too empowering to just brush aside and not talk about.

Loving your breasts and heart, is one of the most courageous, uplifting things you can do as a woman.

And I invite you to start today, with me.

Inside you'll get:

  • Guided breast massage instruction video to connect with and open your heart to deeper pleasure
  • Awaken Your Heart guided practice video and audio to make your session super simple and easy to follow 
  • Two bonus videos to amplify your experience and embrace your awakened arousal when it arises
  • BONUS: Feminine Agility: the Game – a 14 day experience filled with playful tools intended to support the high achieving woman, in softening into the pleasure, health and wealth she desires not purely through will or force but gentle presence with + awareness of her emotions and physical + energetic sensations. We'll play live from November 21 - December 5.

You truly can create an impactful relationship with your femininity, with your sensual side and with your loving, open heart without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by the practice.

Want to spend 20 min/day with me this week?

Let's do this 💜


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