Still working on creating that extra wiggle room in your budget to hire a pro to create the perfect branding and marketing? This course is designed to show holistic health leaders how to DIY both for now, plus what to look for when you are ready to invest in hiring someone. 

If you've been looking for a way to boost your business online, fill your classes, retreats and private sessions consistently and authentically without breaking the bank, this is it! No more putting it off, this is your sign to get it done now!

How will this work?

Not to brag or anything, but this course is pretty badass... 

It's made up of 5 modules that dive deeeep into the "why" behind what you do, who your ideal audience truly is and how to attract them authentically.

Each video lesson will be delivered to you lucky first timers weekly via our private Facebook collaboration group. I say "lucky first timers" because if you feel there is absolutely anything missing from the course, YOU will have a say in what will be added!

what's included

Holistic Badass Catalyst includes 5 modules of recorded trainings, access to me directly for all 5 weeks via our collaboration group, access to a network of people in complimentary fields to collaborate/mastermind/grow with, at least one live Q&A video per week, access to ALL of my other workbooks, branding and marketing documents as well as access to every single update I do to this course in the future - forever.


Since online marketing is such a rapidly growing and changing space, having this access will ensure you're always in the loop when a new update comes around! #You'reWelcome

Module 1: Create Clarity


We're digging real deep into your who, what and why to uncover your true brand.

Module 2: Create Confidence 

Ensure you know exactly what your target market is looking for, and how to deliver that while remaining authentically YOU!

Module 3: Create your Brand

Illustrator hacks and design basics to get you confidently creating. I'll share my favorite resources and hiring tips!

Module 4: Create Visibility

All my online marketing hacks, tips and tricks. How to get heard, get seen and get busy leaving an impact!

Module 5: Create your Plan

Test, test and test again. How to strategize and plan it all out to bring in your new, soon to be favorite, PAYING clients!  

Class officially starts November 6, though you can start at any time! By the end of this course (if you've done the work) you will have a kickass holistic health business that you're 110% confident will attract YOUR ideal clients consistently. 


You'll have a complete brand identity, the ability to design your own logo and  other marketing material as well as an authentic reach-out strategy to put in to action. On top ​of this you'll know exactly what to look for when your business is booming and it's time to hire someone to do your rebrand or take over marketing for you. Are you ready to get clear?

who am i?

I'm Mariah, a world traveler with a massive desire to help others live a healthier life. After going to college at Boise State, studying abroad for a year and growing up traveling for sports I knew I wanted something that would allow me to leave a bigger impact than the 9-5 desk jobs I knew. Plus let's be honest looking out of a cubicle window on a hot sunny day is just torture...

With 6+ years of experience in design, branding and marketing combined with my passion for health and fitness, I wanted to utilize that knowledge to help others. 

I now empower other holistic health leaders one-on-one to define: who their ideal target audience is deep down, what branding will attract them, what marketing strategy will get them begging to work with you and how it all works together.

My goal is to get you real life customers; clicks and views don’t pay the bills!

The truth is, this course is just one small component in

my sneaky plan for creating a healthier world.​​

Your success = a healthier world
and I’m 100% on board with that!

Want to know more about me?

Go stalk my Facebook or Insta and shoot me a message.

Go ahead, promise I don't bite!

Here's what you've been looking for speedy scroller, I see you: 
what's the cost?

For anyone who signs up in the next 48 hours,

Holistic Badass Catalyst is only


After midnight PST October 30

(same day 6pm AEST) the course goes up to $297.

I want this to be as accessible as possible to those who are serious and ready to take their business to the next level, so know that this course will

NEVER be as low as $197 ever again.

The price will remain super affordable at $297 until November 20th (the day after my birthday!) when the price will increase to $397 so if you want to get this at the best deal possible, jump in now!

Your business, bank account and future clients will thank you.