Welcome to the next level of your life.


Step into your healthiest, most energized and confident, glowing goddess version of yourself in the next 6 weeks or less. 

"There are only two types of women, goddesses and doormats."

- Pablo Picasso

What is a goddess?

A woman who is in the process of learning to know, accept and love herself on all levels, because she focuses on personal growth and self awareness, experiences a life increasingly filled with peace, love, joy, passion and fun. A woman that understands that she has unlimited capacity to make her life anything she wants. A woman who is inspired to give to those around her because of her sense of gratitude and abundance.

Are you ready to become the best version of yourself in every area of your life?

Are you ready to embody the glowing goddess you know you are, fully make peace with food, your body and finally conquer that persistent mind trash?

We have far more control over our health and wellbeing than we may have previously believed or been taught and I want to help you uncover your true health, unleash your natural radiance and fulfill your potential! 

Let me guess...

You're here because you've struggled with low energy, mental fog, excess weight, "random" recurring ailments, feeling like a Negative Nancy​ or Debbie Downer, wondering if something is wrong with you because you've tried every diet and still NOTHING budges.

I want you to know, I feel your pain. I've been there.

If you're anything like me, you feel like it's a miracle if you can make it through a day without obsessing over food, overdosing on chocolate or taking multiple "breaks" throughout the day to numb out your mind with social media. You've tried so many methods & diets including keto, vegan, counting macros & calories, Jenny Craig/WeightWatchers/NutriSystem, Atkins, paleo, juicing, shakes...

it's a never ending list because you've tried them ALL.


You've bought insta & YouTube-celebs meal & workout plans online and have tried implementing others from books, articles and blogs but still nothing has given you the sustainable, lasting results you've been hoping for. If you’re ready to learn the methods that led to my breakthrough in not only my health but also my attitude and emotions, this mastermind is perfect for you!

Get the exact blueprint I created and still use today to unleash the glowing goddess within you to create unlimited energy, confidence and unwavering freedom around food without feeling restricted, moody or hungry af every day.  

Are you tapping into your highest potential?

Food is our most powerful form of medicine when we learn to use it as such. Additionally, our mind is one of the most powerful forces in existence. Most people are unconscious of both of these, leaving both their health and happiness in the hands of others while struggling to find any of their own willpower and discipline to improve themselves. I know because I’ve been there.

Through this program you will learn simple yet powerful methods to take control of your health, willpower and discipline while building a relationship with your inner wisdom to help you see all areas of your life improve as you harness your enormous, limitless potential. 

Through Awakening your Glowing Goddess you will be able to:

  • Have an abundance of energy daily

  • Overcome mindless eating, limiting beliefs & habits around food that don't serve you
  • Have deep confidence in your relationship with food
  • Attain a sustainable weight - whether that's by losing or gaining
  • Harness the power of your goddess energy for creativity, abundance and success 
  • Understand what foods work well - and don't - with your unique body
  • Practice intuitive eating, if you desire
  • Stop giving AF what other people think and fully step into your own power

Imagine how confident you would feel if you knew exactly how to manage your weight, mindset and stress throughout all of life's seasons, and that constantly nagging desire to change while feeling unsure of what step to take next, never haunted you again…

Imagine if you could use your mind, body and connection to your inner goddess as a powerful creative force in your life to manifest all our goals and desires…

This 6 week program is designed to help you:

  • Learn to eat intuitively so you never diet again

  • Rewire your brain for consistent success that you can duplicate over and over again

  • Eat more, workout less, enjoy better/more sex and lose more weight
  • Grow your confidence around food and in life
  • Transform your relationship with yourself and others
  • Learn to forgive yourself and others
  • Gain more energy
  • Heal your acne
  • Embody the most powerful, happy and fulfilled version of yourself
  • Clear negative emotions 
  • Overcome the feeling of not being enough, worthy or capable of your goals
  • Free yourself from allowing stress, work and others to determine your health or lack of
  • Understand your body's natural cycles so you can work WITH it/them
  • Create a new relationship with discipline and recognize how it can empower you

This mastermind is designed to be a step-by-step guide to transform even the most seasoned dieter into the most confident, radiant, diet-free glowing goddesses. You will learn to connect with your inner wisdom to recognize the habits and patterns keeping you stuck and create new habits that will allow you to experience a level of joy and bliss that most people only dream of. You will discover a deeply fulfilling source of happiness and confidence within yourself. You will also learn advanced methods for creating epic health and mind transformations over and over again!



Meet your instructor:

Mariah Johnson

Cookie Dough Aficionado, 
Integrative Nutrition

Certified Health Coach and 

Reiki Practitioner


In my 20’s, I found myself feeling very depleted, lost and with very little confidence. Like many women I knew, I was hooked on processed foods, reality TV and honestly - getting involved in drama in my life as an outlet for my own lack of direction and frustration. I felt like my life was going nowhere, I had huge ambitions and dreams but lacked the discipline, willpower, clarity and energy to pursue them.

Over six years ago, I began devouring all the health, mindset and nutrition knowledge I could get my hands on. I practiced yoga, learned about qigong and holistic and preventative health practices as well as diving head first into many areas of personal development. Over the last 4 years I've personally coached hundreds of women through completely transforming their bodies to attain a sustainable weight - whether that’s by gaining or losing - and fall in love with their body and mind for the very first time. After studying with several teachers in all of these areas over this time, I’ve kept only the tools and practices that are most practical and effective for my fellow goddesses living in our fast paced, rapidly evolving modern world.

Through these trainings I learned to not only vastly increase my own confidence around food & in life and my energy, but also my ability to control and channel those skills into every aspect of my life. I learned to overcome my inner frustrations and inhibitions. Through these practices I am able to maintain a healthy weight effortlessly, keep myself energized, fulfilled and overflowing with positivity even while living a very unpredictable lifestyle. All of this has carried over into greatly improving my productivity, career, happiness, health, and relationships. 


My mission now is to help other women who are full of potential learn how to create quick healthy meals they’ll actually enjoy, feel confident AF around food and completely fall in love with their body and mind so they can ditch dieting for good and feel completely supported in fulfilling their own life purpose.

But this mastermind is not for everyone...

This program is not for you if:

  • You are lazy

  • You are unwilling to greatly strengthen your willpower and self-discipline

  • You are satisfied with living life from a place of limited potential

  • You are not willing to take responsibility for your own health and fulfillment

  • You are satisfied with having an “average” life or "average" health

  • You prefer "figuring it out" on your own without support

  • You are not ready or willing to commit to your own growth

This program is for you if:

  • You want to experience a heightened sense of mental and emotional clarity

  • You want to de-mystify dieting

  • You want to experience radiant health and high energy levels

  • You want to feel like the vibrant, glowing goddess you know you were born to be 

  • You are ready to be the confident, fun woman everyone wants to be friends with 

  • You want to feel energized and nourished every day, not exhausted

  • You are ready to take action and make a powerful transformation

  • You want to become radiant, abundant, and magnetic to others

  • You want to contribute to a powerful group of goddesses on a similar journey & create relationships that will support you for life

  • You are ready to utilize tools that will help you create transformations in your life over and over again

With Glowing Goddess you’re getting INCREDIBLE value:

  • 6 live transformational training calls ($6,000)

  • Daily practice schedule and guides ($500)

  • Exclusive Goddess-only Facebook group ($1,000)

  • Guided visualization & future rehearsing ($470)

  • Crystal Unicorn Tarot Deck + surprise gifts ($30)

  • Book recommendations ($100)

  • BONUS* Qigong routine for vibrant energy ($300)

  • BONUS* 100s of Mariah's favorite recipes ($100)

  • BONUS* Manifest Your Dream Body ebook ($55)

Total Value: $8,555
Your total investment: $1,111 USD in full or $1,333 for 4 payments of $333.25 or 6 payments of $222.16

Payment plan options available, apply now

Love from my clients:

"Mariah has been such a huge help in my weight loss journey. With her help I was able to lose almost 10 lbs and change my eating habits for life. She is a positive and uplifting person who goes above and beyond to help her clients."

- Hannah B.

“I’m Italian. I grew up eating endless plates of pasta, baskets of bread, and the idea that food cures all. Years down the road I noticed that I started having stomach issues, but didn’t care or want to figure out why. It was just apart of my daily life.


After talking with Mariah about my goals for myself she suggested to do the 30 Days to Healthy Living. After reading the guidelines I remember thinking, “yeahhhh that’s a no for me”. But Mariah didn’t give up on me. Instead she suggested I do the 7 day detox and I thought, “yeah, I can do 7 Days!”. After the detox I noticed now much better I felt physically and I noticed more often what foods would make my stomach upset.

Fast forward a few months later, I’m starting my first 30 Healthy Living. Was it hard? Um yes! It was the beginning of fall in the Midwest and the last thing I wanted were vegetables and protein shakes. But I kept going and finished the 30 Days.

Along the way I learned a few things: 
1. I had an unhealthy addiction to soda that I didn’t realize I had 
2. Life without coffee is no life at all 
3. Eating to fuel your body is so much more satisfying than eating a doughnut or a cupcake! Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the things I used to eat, but now it’s in moderation and I listen to my body.”

- Alyssa C.

"My skin has been looking great! And I’ve been less bloated for sure. I don’t feel uncomfortable by the end of the day. Such a huge win!"

- Britney B.

"I just wanted to thank you so so much for that live. It made me realize how much I’ve been slacking on myself, and how obviously this has impacted my business because it will never outgrow me. Thank you for making me look inward when I forget."

- Zoe D. 


I'm currently pregnant or breastfeeding, is this program suitable for me?

YES! This mastermind is absolutely for women who are literally creating and nourishing life and this will encourage your body to produce even better nourishment for yourself and your little one especially during this highly creative time. You will learn to nourish your mind and body from a place of love rather than punishment which will in turn, become a pattern your little one picks up naturally from you.

I’m very busy, I’m worried that I don’t have time for the course.

Don’t worry. I’ve designed this mastermind to work with the modern woman’s busy lifestyle, and each week your daily practices will take about 30 minutes per day.  Each weekly call will be about 1.5 to 2 hours and you'll have access to all the replays and our facebook support group forever so you can go through everything and learn more again and again. We prioritize things that are important to us. If becoming a glowing goddess who lives life from her most healthy, radiant and abundant state is important to you and you are ready to transform, you will find the time to commit to your personal growth.

You talk about “goddess energy”  a lot. I have no experience in yoga, qigong, or energetic practices. Will this mastermind be too advanced for me?

This course is suitable for both absolute beginners with no previous training, as well as experienced practitioners who want to explore their own powerful energy in depth. I explain everything in detail, from the very basic foundations to the highly advanced techniques. By progressing through the program and doing your inner work along the way you will be able to advance very quickly.

Are there payment plans available?

Absolutely! Message or email me and we'll work out the best option for you.

Do you give refunds?

Due to the digital nature of this mastermind, and the low price offered, no refunds will be offered. I believe in my work and I am VERY confident in the effectiveness of these practices. If you follow the practices and do the work, you will see the results. On a similar note, when we know there is a potential "way out", we severely limit the amount of effort we actually put in. I will only accept those who are absolutely committed to change and growth so by not offering a refund, I am pushing you to fully commit to yourself. 


Can you guarantee results?

The effort you put in will produce your results. If you do your daily work, commit yourself 100%, show up when you can or catch up on replays and follow through with us step-by-step, you will experience great transformations in all areas of your life. This is your own unique process, and as such your success is your own responsibility.

Why should I purchase the course instead of finding a book with this information?

It is very difficult to apply these practices from a book. I spent years trying to learn and apply these practices and techniques from books and was very unimpressed by the results. After spending years training with various teachers, I’ve taken the most effective and simple techniques I learned from each and combined them to create this mastermind. You will save yourself YEARS of slow progress by joining this mastermind, and you will have an experienced instructor to answer any questions you may have along the way. On top of that each of you within the program have had your own unique experiences, lessons, practices and teachings you can bring to the table so not only will you be learning from me but you'll also be learning from each other.

I really want to take part, but I don’t want to spend the money...

If you think this mastermind costs too much, I highly recommend evaluating what becoming the healthiest, most empowered version of yourself is worth to you. This program contains very powerful transformational and potentially life-changing work, and addresses many issues that most women have struggled with for centuries. Your investment is an energetic commitment to transforming yourself. I'm here to meet you half way so when you invest and commit 100% you get my 100% support in you too.

How much is it costing you...

  • To be a slave to your negative habits?

  • To be unfulfilled?

  • To lack the necessary discipline to help you do what you really want to do?

  • To be throwing your potential and energy down the drain, daily?

  • To lack clarity, energy, and motivation in your life?

  • To lack patience and forgiveness with yourself and in your relationships?

  • To lack the knowledge to manifest anything you want in your life?

  • To continue living your life automatically instead of authentically?

  • To keep fueling your body with foods that actually drain your energy and motivation?

  • To lack an understanding of what foods work best with your unique body and goals?

  • To remain outside of your ideal weight daydreaming about, "what if" you could just make the change?

Mastering our mindset and food habits - together - leaves us absolutely unstoppable, prepared and capable of accomplishing absolutely anything we desire in life.

I'm here to help you demystify food and your mind - for good.

I'd be honored to co-create some magic with you,

we'll be starting soon!