Hey there, I'm Mariah

It's my mission to help health coaches, leaders and educators get their message out to the right people and help them leave a massive impact.

who am i?

I'm a small town Nevada girl with a serious love for bright colors, exploring new places (and new desserts!) and helping health leaders spread their message. After studying abroad for a year in Australia and graduating from Boise State University – where my love for orange began – I acknowledged how passionate I really have been all my life about health and fitness.

From softball to competitive cheerleading, I’ve dabbled in just about everything at least once and my functional fitness is my current obsession! If I'm not out making new friends you can find me sipping tea, in my hammock along a river or pigging out on my favorite vegan dessert of the week!

WHY + What I do

Through The Creativ Life I build and improve all the visual aspects of a brand like your logo, website and marketing material to ensure it attracts your most ideal client. 


We work together to define: who your ideal target audience is, what's important to them deep down, what branding will attract them, what marketing strategy will get them begging to work with you and how it all works together to get you clients in the door. My goal is to get you real life customers; clicks and views don’t pay the bills!

Your success = a healthier world
and I’m 100% on board with that!

Still have questions? Send me a note below!


Mariah was a pleasure to work with, full of energy from the very start and very communicative. She kept to all our deadlines and was patient even when they got pushed back on our end. I got a sense for the passion she brings to her projects throughout, and that made it really wonderful to work with her!

CoO & founding partner, CMX

Mariah is the queen of ebooks & formatting for the fussy! I increased my client base by over double with her brilliance in design. She's edgy, actually listens & is patient enough to make the hundreds of tiny changes I asked for to give me exactly what I wanted yet doesn't take 3 years to get the work done. Fab attention to detail, easy to communicate with & always looking for ways to help you stand out I can't recommend her highly enough. I've trusted her with 2 ebooks already & will be back for the rest. A designer who actually gives a f*ck about you and your image. 

founder of Kata the brand,
KATA - The Gen Y Business Expert